From May 12th to June 16th, 2017

While Paris is recognized as the cradle of historical graffiti, in the early 1980s, Toulouse also fueled a particularly active scene.
Far from the American referents, the graffiti school of Toulouse quickly distinguished itself and installed its own writing style in a relevant and recurrent manner.
Still today, around its “Old School”  artists, Toulouse is an important scene of European graffiti, which continues with the younger generations offering innovative artistic and plastic fields.
ADDA&TAXIE brings together in Paris Old School and New School around this exhibition “Toulouse” that shows the plastic advances of contemporary graffiti and the influences in the current scenes.

Presentation of works, serigraphs, photographs.

Der – Ianik – Landry A. – Monde – Reso – Sherio – Sike – Snake – Soone – Tonce
Photo : Nicolas Gzeley – Silvio Magaglio – Jean Moderne/ RCF1