From June 21st to August 31st, 2018

Jardins” is a collective exhibition, featuring  artists from all over the world.
 Street art and graffiti,  when the time and space are right, are capable to alter the universe that surrounds us, with style and expression. Accustomed to use volume and look for the places that match with the architecture, both —street art and graffiti— are sensitive to every element around them.
 Nature vanishes, little by little, in our cities, each brown grass and emerging tree, which lives surrounded by concrete and asphalt are just like them: free and voluntarily.
 Deliberately bonded to make place for nature and give light to our cities, plants are part of the wildness.
 In other garden, flowers and a forest are awakening from our forgotten nature, drowned in human profusion. They warn us of our own fragility and color the walls of our cities with a rage of greens and abstract forms.
 On the summer days, ADDA&TAXIE wants to honor this nature, make it bloom inside a gallery, cover the walls and offer an exhibition as a refreshing lung.
Philippe Baudelocque – Elian – Gola Hundun –
Nuria Mora – Pastel – Popay