From September 8th to October 30th, 2018

As a long time graffiti artist and one of the founders of Pornostar crew with Dems, Seleka was deeply involved in the local art scene for a long time. Simultaneously, he had his own studio practice, but only a few his closest friends knew about the works. After years of working with text-based works, he stepped out of his comfort zone and started expressing his creativity through these energetic abstract creations.

Without any guidance about the desired outcome, or any firm direction about formating or composition, these pieces show artist’s confidence both with his creative expression and technical skills. Mixing diverse elements and techniques, he is constructing texture-rich creations which subtly reveal his graffit-background while leading him into completely unkown, yet endlesly exciting sphere. Sometimes working strictly with few colors, sometimes utilizing a wide, explosive color palette, Seleka’s newly discovered visual language is applicable both to large canvases, as well as smaller works on paper. Playing with gradients, splaters, drips, lumps of oil, lines and geo elements, these images are regularly heavily layered, utterly unpredicatble and captivating.

— Sasha Bogojev.