AEC INTERESNI KAZKI “Déjà vu & Jamais vu”

From December 14th to January 26th, 2019

ALEKSEI BORDUSOV, aka AEC INTERESNI KAZKI presents his first solo exhibition in France “Déjà vu & Jamais vu” -Already seen & never seen-, in ADDA&TAXIE gallery.
The ukranian artist, born in 1980 and renowned for his striking visual imagery, has his surrealist artworks exposed in the walls worldwide.
His luminous and intriguing murals, inspired by science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths of the past, are filled with color and are often accompanied by black and white drawings.
In “Déjà vu & Jamais vu”, Alexei will introduce new pieces – a mixture of acrylic paint and ink drawings on canvas and watercolor on paper. He also will present some pieces – paintings in acrylic and ink drawings – from the exhibition The Earth is Flat which took place in January 2018 at San Francisco, CA.