Remed’s work has continued to refine, developing into what is now an inimitable style. Whilst producing ever increasing series of paintings inside then, Remed has still kept up a strong presence in the urban environment, tagging, albeit in a now highly experimental manner, inscribing philosophical calligraphic messages (often in chalk) onto city walls, etching into metal, as well as both pasting and painting his more complex designs throughout the city. For Remed, all of these activities are as important as the other, each an opportunity for performative release as much as communal exchange, each a chance to rhyme with colour and form, an occasion for both experimentation and communication. For him, art is simply understood as a way of healing the soul, of curing the mind, as a form of very public, outward therapy. It is a the blend of science and soul, a way to cope with pain and happiness, love and hate, light and darkness, a remedy for life itself.